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The Shadow Sphere

Light Up Your Landscape. Enjoy The Shadow Play.

Metal Garden Sculpture with LED lighting

– Limited Release

This is the sculpture that really elevated my garden art to the next level.

My spheres have always been creative and unique, but with the addition of some interior lighting, they are dramatically transformed into a dazzling display of illumination.

I like to create sculptures with purpose, something that is aesthetically appealing during the day and even more so once night falls.

You will see illusions; shadow play and light patterns you didn’t know existed until after dark.

By day, this unassuming yet compelling sphere is an eye-catching garden sculpture in its own right.

It is a striking landscape piece inspires those walking past to stop, take stock, examine, and even dream.

But at night? That’s when the real personality of this exceptional piece truly shines.

You’ll find yourself in the presence of something celestial, an earthly sense of cosmos for you to enjoy while sitting beneath the stars.

This stunning piece is lit from above with concealed wiring and the warm glow of the rings on the earth, lawn or surrounding walls is breathtakingly beautiful.

Stop, sit down and appreciate the light show that unfolds before you.

It is mesmerizing, easily sending its viewer into a state of deep relaxation, peace and tranquility.

This is something you’ll want to experience for yourself, which you can easily do when you decide to add The Shadow Sphere to your collection of garden sculptures.

Available from 800mm to 1200mm, this is without doubt the piece you want to take center stage of your yard, or any other outdoor living space.

Material: 5-10mm Mild Steel.

Sizes: Available at 1200mm only.

Price: AUD $3900.

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