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Lounging Kangaroo

I jokingly call this guy ‘Jack Thompson, Cleo centrefold’ because of his buff arms and lounging pose.

This metal kangaroo sculpture reminds me of the famous nude spread the Aussie actor did for Cleo magazine in the ’70s.

Thompson’s controversial shoot was the first of many male centrefolds to appear in the women’s magazine. The nudes were a feminist reaction to the images commonly found in men’s publications.

Funnily enough, the size of a male kangaroo’s arms is believed to be one factor that helps lure the female roos.

There have been many tongue-in-cheek articles written about how ‘buff’ kangaroos can look, especially the red kangaroo, Australia’s largest marsupial.

And it’s true, many do look like they’ve been bench-pressing at the gym.

All jokes aside, the kangaroo is a beloved and iconic Australian animal and after creating my very first metal kangaroo sculpture, it just wasn’t possible to stop at one.

My Australian art collection now includes several kangaroo sculptures, including the Eating Roo, Curious Roo and Roadkill Roo.

These corten steel creations are among my most popular works and have been displayed at many art exhibitions.

They won first prize in the ‘Estate’ category at this year’s Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show.

They also received the People’s Choice Award at the 2018 Lake Light Sculpture Festival in Jindabyne.

Read more about my awards and accolades here.


MATERIAL: Corten Steel

SIZE: 1:1 scale

PRICE:  Starting from $8,000 AUD + GST
Delivery and install, Melbourne metropolitan area and Mornington Peninsula, $350.

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