We are living in exciting times where new trends are emerging by the day, especially due to social media, and it’s interesting how the use of corten steel for design of all types ranging from architecture to landscape design have taken off in recent years. And we noticed a huge spike in interest for custom corten steel privacy panels/walls from around the world.

While plants have been used for ages to separate space and provide a sense of privacy from neighbors, the fusion of steel design elements is now taking shape both literally and figuratively. However, many people still aren’t familiar with privacy screens along with corten steel, so we thought it would be helpful to answer common questions we’re getting.

What are the benefits of using steel privacy screens in landscape design?
Though plants like bamboo and others can be used to create privacy, there’s an element of maintenance that creates ongoing cost over time while on the flip side integrating corten steel pieces reduces costs and they actually become better over time – the patina is what’s most desired.

Why are privacy screens made of corten steel better than other materials?
Not many people know this, but the shipping containers that travel around the world and face all of the elements (rain, saltwater, etc.) are made of corten steel due to its durability to withstand whatever nature throws at it. And that’s why both residential and commercial designers are using corten across all facets of development, including landscape design.

What is the difference between a privacy screen and a privacy wall?
This is a great question that’s commonly asked, and we see privacy screens as design elements that don’t totally block off a space but instead allow a portion of what lies behind it to show through whereas a privacy wall may be a unique steel panel that totally separates space.

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