The Shadow Sphere

Bringing things from outer space down to earth

Fire Arcs

Transforming the night 


Iconic animals of the Outback

Autumn Tree

Reimagining what trees can be


From illuminated cubes/spheres to fire arcs along with animal sculptures ranging from dog memorials to life-size kangaroos, horses and elephants we can work together to create the world you imagine


We work with architects, interior and landscape designers along with other creatives to help bring their projects to life from hotels to office and real estate developments, public spaces, stadiums and more

“Usually the building is the artwork but with Matt’s woven screen his artwork will make the building.  Koichi Ichiguru, Architect of Aya Niseko.  Japan”

Koichi Ichiguru

Architect of Aya Niseko, Japan

“Matt Hill Projects sculptures have been used at Several Spicers Retreats properties. Each of the artworks exhibit a level of personality which seems impossible to achieve with such a raw and robust material that he works with. The detail, individuality and quality of each piece is something you cant help but notice when you see them in person”

Jude Turner

Director of Spicers Retreat

“We commissioned a sculpture from Matt and it was as beautiful as the photos on his website. We could not be happier with his work! He is an incredibly talented artist who creates both representational sculptures as well as abstract one. His work is truly special. He’s very easy to work with and goes out of his way to be helpful. I bought the sculpture as a gift for my mom and Matt found the fastest and cheapest way to ship the sculpture from Australia to California. My parents loved the sculpture so much, they are commissioning another one from him. I can’t wait to buy one for my home!”

Kim S.O.


Abstract Cubes & Spheres

Innovative 3D sculptures made from 2D planes. We focus on changing your perspective of life through captivating cubes and spheres that bring dimensions together

Custom Steel Privacy Screens/Walls: The New Landscape Design Trend?

Custom Steel Privacy Screens/Walls: The New Landscape Design Trend?

We are living in exciting times where new trends are emerging by the day, especially due to social media, and it’s interesting how the use of corten steel for design of all types ranging from architecture to landscape design have taken off in recent years. And we noticed a huge spike in interest for custom corten steel privacy panels/walls from around the world.

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