Crumpled Paper Walls

Material: Corten Steel

Size: Unlimited. Every panel is unique and made to fit your space.

Price: POA

The idea for this design is simple: Roll a piece of paper into a ball, then flatten it out. This wall is that piece of paper.

The Crumpled Paper wall is a modern, unique and stylish garden feature wall will make your garden or courtyard stand out. It suits any space, from a modest courtyard to a large walled area in a modern garden.

Using my signature polygon format and rusted finish, these feature walls are bold and innovative statement pieces designed to effortlessly impress.

Each one is unique; a one-of-a-kind artwork showcasing its own individual pattern. Once the natural rust process of the corten steel is complete, you will see different shades in the changing light.

Extra material can be welded onto this garden feature wall for the owner to plant succulents and creases and folds added to create new effects. You’ll find endless possibilities with this dynamic garden feature wall, which can be tailored to suit individual tastes or backyard projects.

It you require a feature wall, privacy screen or property divider, this captivating design is the perfect touch.