There are times in our lives when we gravitate towards something unique whether it’s purchasing/building a new home or creating a landscape that reminds us of our travels from the past, and it’s those special memories that create visions for the future.

When it comes to sculptures made of weathering steel and the ways they’re being integrated into both commercial and residential landscape projects today, we see the trend taking place and also understand exactly why it’s happening.

In a nutshell: Weathering or “corten” steel is the Houdini of building materials where its magic trick is to become better over time which is unlike almost any other material used in landscapes or construction that typically degrade as days go by (wood, etc.).

Landscape sculptures made of corten steel will live on forever and that’s why architects, designers and other creatives around the world are gravitating towards the medium. Is it one of the best materials for landscape sculptures today? Quite possibly.

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