The world of residential and commercial development has changed dramatically in recent times with the introduction of more sustainable materials, creative/functional designs along with current trends and this post touches specifically on steel art, including sculptures, for commercial applications.

After guiding projects around the world we realized a trend years ago that continues to take off today: Corten steel is revolutionizing commercial projects as a whole not only when it comes to art/sculptures but also building facades (e.g. brise soleil) and so much more.

If you are developing a new commercial project and looking for custom steel solutions whether it’s for an airport, hotel, office complex, public space, zoo, etc. below are a few things to keep in mind:

A unique art piece for your space is a collaborative effort and nothing is set in stone. We work closely with clients to bring their visions to life and feel that’s a critical part of the process.

Our team has created large-scale installations for commercial projects around the world (in Asia, Europe, U.S.) and we use that experience to ensure success in the future. And it’s that experience (those building blocks) that give us the ability to execute on large projects.

Since our customers are located around the globe there’s a logistics element that comes into play, which is important to point out. And after building relationships with shipping/logistics firms around the world we understand the process which helps streamline commercial projects.

Looking to integrate steel elements in your commercial project? Let’s connect.