African Animal Sculptures

Material: Corten Steel and mild steel

Size: 1:1 scale of African animals

Price: POA

These life-size African animal sculptures are mesmerising additions to any property.

My animal series includes awe-inspiring giraffes and imposing rhinos and elephants. I create adult and baby African animal sculptures that generate feelings of awe and intrigue.

For my elephant sculptures I draw inspiration from the sacred bond elephants share with their family members. They gather and migrate in groups. An elephant’s trunk is incredibly intricate. It is made up of over 40,000 muscles and can lift up to 350 kilograms. I put this knowledge into my work, making sure the trunks are an integral part of the craftsmanship.

Giraffes equally intrigue me. They have incredibly unique physical characteristics, making them fascinating to look at and unlike any other animals.

The Rhino began as a political piece, commissoned and installed in the Czech Republic as part of the country’s Metalove Sympozium. I went on to create a second steel rhino sculpture that was donated to the Australian Rhino Project.

These remarkable African animal sculptures will transform your garden or outdoor space into a wildlife wonderland.

Imagine the pure delight your friends, family and visitors will feel at witnessing these magnificent creatures when they take centrestage in your backyard.

The metal elephant sculpture pair won the People’s Choice Award at the 2017 Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show and my rhinos and giraffes have featured in numerous exhibitions.