Cubes & Spheres

Material: Corten Steel

Size: From 300mm (round or cubed)

Price: From AUD$1250 

This is where my passion begun – create 3D sculptures from 2D planes.

These stylish metal garden sculptures, available in cubed or rounded form, look stunning as a daytime backyard feature or lit up at night, providing a sophisticated focal point when positioned among lawn, bushes or flower beds.

Endlessly versatile they also offer direction at night when placed at the top of a staircase or landing, or even on a pillar that let your eyes follow the light.

With their beautiful rusted finish, these striking cube and sphere sculptures bring a touch of class to any garden, courtyard or indoor space. Their simplicity, clean lines and mesmerising symmetry are pleasing to the eyes, and the mind.

These sophisticated metal sculptures command attention, intrigue and awe from all who lay eyes on them.