Man’s Best Friend

Material: Corten Steel

Size: Can be fabricated to any size

Price: POA

Are you a dog lover? Me too.

Be it a memorial or a dog you always wanted, I can recreate your furry best friend – in 3D steel form!

Dogs fascinate me. They’re loyal companions, always happy and man’s best friend. I’ve owned two Labradors, who’ve both served as inspiration in the past. Other pets will also find these dog sculptures intriguing, which adds to the fun!

Based on images provided by you, I can recreate your best friend in their favourite pose, whether that be standing, sitting or sleeping.

Bonnie Girl

To share an apple with her or to hear about her dreams in the mornings, my Bon Bon had so much character and love to give. She loved greeting me at the door with a teddy in her mouth, or an odd sock or even someone’s shoe. Such an affectionate girl, deeply missed by my entire family and little Lulu.