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Matt Hill Projects

Landscape Lighting & Architectural Sculptures

About Matt Hill

I create unique, abstract garden sculptures and landscape lighting. My metal art adds a personal, elegant, touch to your home and outdoor areas.

Matt Hill - Welding a sculpture

Matt Hill - Standing with Ellie the elephant sculpture

The foundation of my creative endeavours came from travelling, owning a bar called “Fatty’s” and dodging visas in the northern island of Japan.

I started my building apprenticeship with my dad when I was 17. Dad had every single tool anyone could ask for (and most of the neighbours did) from bench drills to grinders, from nail punches to sledge hammers. Dad taught me the basics of welding and from there I took off.

After I finished my apprenticeship with dad I moved to the northern island of Japan, Hokkaido to follow my passion of snowboarding… and sushi. What was to be a 5 month working holiday turned into a 7 year stint. I didn’t see as much of the country as I really should have but over my time there something must have stuck.

I am so taken by the clarity of the influence of Matt’s time in Japan. I visited Japan in 2007 when I was a mere 14 year old girl, but the memories of the architecture and the construction of the houses there are still quite vivid. I was staying with a host family, and they lived in a house with a lot of dark exposed wooden beams, linear design and solid white and cream walls, as well as those beautiful paper screens with subtle light flowing through them. Matt’s sculptures remind me of that house; of the simplicity of their interior design and of the warm light and quietness of that environment.

His work, much like Japanese design and culture, is unobnoxious and conjures a sense of absolute tranquillity.

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On my return back to Australia I took on the role of site manager of and aged care facility on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. To fully comprehend the job I had to grasp the basics of AutoCad, the industry standard of drafting and architectural drawings. It was there where I learnt enough to draft my very first project. The project, called Simple Sphere won best “Small Sculpture” at the Albert Park Art Exhibition in 2013. From there, I went on to create everything else in my gallery.

In 2015 I was commissioned to supply a series of 8 sculptures as part of the landscape and interior design for a contemporary apartment complex in Niseko, Japan.

More recently I have been commissioned by Koichi Ishiguro to design a 3D woven metal building facade which will be installed on most of the ground floor in another hotel in Hokkaido, Japan.

Most photos by Giovanni Lovisetto

– Matt Hill