Corten Steel Privacy Screens: What Makes Them Special?

Corten Steel Privacy Screens: What Makes Them Special?

Architectural and design trends are always changing over time and it’s interesting to see how corten steel privacy screens have become popular in the past few years, though what makes them so special?

First and foremost, when looking at any privacy screen you have to think about how it will last over time and the subsequent maintenance needed, which is especially important for commercial applications (e.g. hotels/resorts) as well as luxury residential properties. It’s not so much the initial investment that’s the big cost but instead ongoing maintenance: Cleaning regularly, applying paint every few years, etc.

Corten steel is also known as “weathering steel” and one of its most distinctive features is how it becomes more appealing over time – like a fine wine hidden in a cellar for 20+ years – to form the patina we all know and love. As opposed to worrying about maintenance, corten steel doesn’t require any which, aside from the visual appeal, delivers big cost savings over time.

Secondly, like taking a lump of clay and molding it into the most epic piece of pottery, the same craftsmanship goes into creating custom corten steel privacy screens where anything you can imagine is possible. The sky’s the limit.

Whether you’re an architect, landscape designer or interested in corten steel privacy screens for your home we are here to help. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

What is Corten Steel Used For? The Most Common Applications

What is Corten Steel Used For? The Most Common Applications

In recent times corten steel has become a buzzword in the architecture/design community ranging from using the magical material to create furniture in public spaces to animal sculptures, privacy screens and all sorts of urban art. This post touches on the most common applications we see on a regular basis.

It is interesting how sometimes things in life are hidden behind the scenes and corten steel is one of them: Most people don’t know that the reason why we can order products online and receive them the next day is due to exceptional logistics – everything from where they’re manufactured to when they’re delivered to us – and a big part of that process involves corten steel.

From shipping containers that transport products across continents to bridges, rail cars and other pieces of the logistics puzzle, corten steel plays an integral role. And that’s one of the most common applications of corten steel today.

Additionally, corten steel has been widely adopted in the design world with a variety of art/sculptures being crafted in it. This is a new phenomenon that’s taking off and we are on the cusp of what’s possible, which is exciting.

Have a vision to create something special using corten steel? Let’s connect and brainstorm.

Sculptures Made of Weathering Steel: The Ultimate Landscape Feature

Sculptures Made of Weathering Steel: The Ultimate Landscape Feature

There are times in our lives when we gravitate towards something unique whether it’s purchasing/building a new home or creating a landscape that reminds us of our travels from the past, and it’s those special memories that create visions for the future.

When it comes to sculptures made of weathering steel and the ways they’re being integrated into both commercial and residential landscape projects today, we see the trend taking place and also understand exactly why it’s happening.

In a nutshell: Weathering or “corten” steel is the Houdini of building materials where its magic trick is to become better over time which is unlike almost any other material used in landscapes or construction that typically degrade as days go by (wood, etc.).

Landscape sculptures made of corten steel will live on forever and that’s why architects, designers and other creatives around the world are gravitating towards the medium. Is it one of the best materials for landscape sculptures today? Quite possibly.

If you have questions about sculptures made of weathering steel or simply want to connect, shoot us a message.